Join us for a drink as we present staged readings of the classics. Poets and songwriters have long gathered to perform in pubs, and the Bard himself and the actors with whom he worked no doubt spent their time and fostered their creativity in the public house.

The "Shakespeare In The Bar" series brings unrehearsed, brisk, and vibrant readings of these plays into a venue not associated with the performance of theater.  It's a thrill to hear these plays read in the rough, intimate setting of a barroom. There's a camaraderie and uncertainty in the air, when actors, who have never worked together before, come together among the patrons of a tavern and bring these classics to life. And where else can you sit next to Caesar after his death and share a pint as you both watch the rest of the story unfold?

(Photos Courtesy of Susane Lee)

"I saw one of the best Julius Caesar's I have ever seen at the P&G Bar at Columbus & 78th, performed by the amazing Hudson Warehouse Theater Company. Shakespeare in the Park is one thing, but Shakespeare in the Bar is not only better, it's more ... Shakespearean. You're sitting and drinking with people who are no different from anyone else you'd see in a bar, except every so often some of them get up to deliver classic lines and move the story along. It's like witnessing the most literary, spell-binding arguments and bar fights you've ever seen."

  -John Marshall 
  The Huffington Post 

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